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Accessing Profile Document Problem.
~Tip Froboosisonetsi 02/26/2007 02:08 PM
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Hi Forum Members,

I have the following sceanrio:

User A --> mail file A
User B --> mail file B

'A' is having delegation access over mail file 'B'. Now I logged in using user account of user 'A' and accessed databse file 'B' ie of user B. When I tried to access profile document in this database then I used two way
First using:
DocumentCollection dc = database.getProfileDocCollection("CalendarProfile");

Second Using:
Document doc = database.getProfileDocument("CalendarProfile", session.getUserName());

For the first approach I got it working but for the second I am getting following exception:

NotesException: Notes error: You are not authorized to perform that operation (CalendarProfile).

Unable to find out the reason for it. Any help in this regards will be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
Will Turner

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